Saturday, January 9, 2010

2009 in a nutshell

Happy New Year family and friends! It has been another great year for us! Here is our year in a nutshell:

The first half of the year was filled with us anxiously awaiting the highlight of our year, the arrival of our new addition, Phoebe Lynn Dorrell. Coral’s pregnancy went well, without complications. Mekhi enjoyed helping us get ready for his new baby sister! Wade put in a new laminate wood floor in Phoebe’s room, Coral did the decorating and meal prep for the freezer, and Mekhi was a good helper!

In March we were visited by Wade’s sisters Melissa and Heather, and Heather’s boyfriend J.R. as they were here in Boise for the NCAA championship games. Later that month we made our last trip as a family of 3 for a baby shower and to spend time at Coral’s grandparents Art and Lynne’s house in Gleneden Beach, Oregon. Coral and Mekhi (and later Phoebe) filled their spring and summer weeks with playgroup dates about twice a week. We’ve been going to this playgroup since July 2008 and it has been fun making some great friends!

Mekhi turned 3 on May 25th and is still above the 97th% for height for his age. His Dr. predicts that he’ll be 6’4” as an adult, 6 inches taller than us! We had a birthday bash for him that included a barbecue with friends and his very own bouncy house for a day! He had so much fun! Mekhi started preschool at home with Mommy this school year, and he loves it! He has learned all of his letters by sight and their sounds; he can spell his name, and is getting really good at starting to write his letters. He loves doing crafts, especially painting! Mekhi has also learned to build forts out of couch pillows, make music, draw a person, play board games, and play Xbox games. His current favorite activities are playing Xbox, building his own design of tractors out of Legos, coloring, drawing, painting, and in the warmer weather, playing in the back yard with his tricycle, Little Tykes car and his digging toys in the dirt! Oh, and his lawnmower, he says. He also loves helping Daddy do yard work and other projects around the house.

June 28th marked our 1st wedding Anniversary! With Phoebe’s due date just around the corner we were unable to leave town, so instead we went on a 2 day staycation right here in Boise. We stayed at a hotel, went on paddleboats in the pond down town, cast a baby belly out of plaster, went to the Idaho Historical Museum, and dined at many restaurants while Mekhi hung out at his aunt Renee and Uncle Zach’s house with his cousins.
Phoebe finally joined us on July 14th. It was 3 days past her due date and we decided to go ahead with an induction to get labor rolling. After just 4 hours of active labor, we welcomed our 8lb 9oz bundle of joy. Labor was intense, but Coral was able to make it through the labor and delivery without any pain medications, with the support of Wade and Mom/Grandma Shari by her side! Phoebe was just as sweet as can be, and instantly had us talking about how much she looked like Daddy! Mekhi is such a sweet big brother, he absolutely adores her! Wade got a month of paternity leave. It was nice to have that time together. We had many visitors during Phoebe’s first month, and Wade was also able to do some projects around the house. He finished the floor in our closet, did a lot of yard work, but never did get that hot tub fixed…

Our summer was filled with visitors coming to meet little Miss Phoebe. Coral’s mom and sister, Valerie, were here awaiting Phoebe’s arrival, as were our local family, the Davises. Next Phoebe’s Great Grandparents Art and Lynne visited from Oregon, then Wade’s siblings. James and Carrie flew in from Washington, and then Melissa and Heather drove down from North Idaho, arriving just as we were hosting our 1st National Night Out party as the new Neighborhood watch chairmen of our subdivision. To celebrate Wade’s birthday, Melissa and Heather joined the 4 of us on our 1st camping trip of the year. We drove up to Shafer Butte and stayed for about 24 hours… 12 of which were spent huddling together in the tent to escape a nasty hailstorm!

Later that month Wade and Mekhi went “man-camping” with Zach and Josiah at Bruneau Dunes State park. They had so much fun that we all went back as a group to spend 2 more nights. Another fun summer event for us was the E. Idaho fair. We had fun looking at the animals, tractors, and people, eating greasy food, and riding on rides! Mekhi also took swimming lessons for 2 weeks in August. His big accomplishment was dunking under water. He was also a good floater and learned to kick those legs!

We managed to get out without the kids to celebrate our 3 year dating anniversary on September 3rd with a hot air balloon ride over Boise! It was such a fun experience! We’ve since gone out on a couple more dates, leaving Mekhi and Phoebe with Aunt Renee. We also celebrated one of our newer family traditions of “Fakesgiving” in September. We had the whole traditional Thanksgiving dinner with the Davis family, except that it wasn’t actually Thanksgiving.

In October, Phoebe was baptized on her 3 month birthday by Pastor Tom at our home church, Friendship Celebration. We were glad to have Grandma Shari here to share the occasion with us. Uncle Zach made the occasion really special by performing his song that he wrote for Mekhi’s baptism “Beautiful Soul."

Coral returned to work part-time “flex” in October, after 3 months of maternity leave. Flex requirements are just twice a month plus the occasional meeting or certification. It was difficult for her to leave Phoebe for that first time, and Phoebe was not too happy about it either! We have all since adjusted a little better to Mommy going to work and Phoebe is much better at taking a bottle than she was at first. Although, she still does prefer to have mommy when she is tired or fussy. Phoebe and Mommy got to take off for a weekend away with Grandma Shari and Aunt Renee to go to the annual Women’s Retreat at Camp Perkins in the Sawtooth Mountains. It was Coral’s 4th year going, and it was a refreshing experience as always!
Wade and Mekhi had fun hanging out at home doing boy stuff. The next week, Wade got to spend the week in Las Vegas at the Microsoft SharePoint Conference, where he presented to around 1000 people. He also got to attend a big party there at which Huey Lewis and the News performed!

Halloween was fun for us this year. Coral made our costumes (except Phoebe’s). We were a helping of our favorite Japanese dinner. Wade and Mekhi were sushi, Phoebe was the edamame appetizer, and Coral was the soy sauce packet with a side of ginger and wasabi. Our costumes were a hit at the Trunk-or-treating and Halloween parties that we went to, and Mekhi and Wade had fun trick-or-treating with the Davises while Phoebe and Mom stayed warm at home.

Wade’s parents Jack and Barbara skipped the summer visiting rush and waited until the beginning of November to travel down from North Idaho to meet their 1st granddaughter.

Phoebe is growing so fast now. She had her 4 month check-up in November where she weighed in at 16 pounds, 3 ounces. She is 90th % for weight, 95th% for length and 94th% for head circumference. And she started laughing on her 4 month birthday. This age is so fun and cute. She has rolled over once from belly to back, but hasn’t fulfilled our requests for a repeat. We made it to the annual Biederman gathering on Thanksgiving at Coral’s grandparent’s house in Gleneden Beach Oregon.

It was Phoebe’s first time on an airplane, and she did just fine. It was great to see all of our Biederman family, there were 29 of us total! We ate lots of great food, and it was even nice enough for us to walk down to the beach one day. Mekhi gathered shells and had fun digging with them. Phoebe just slept in Mom’s arms. Wade tried kelp… which is not very good, don’t try it.

In December the Christmas tree went up and we enjoyed checking out the local Christmas lights, including a really fun light show in our neighborhood!

We had such a fun Christmas this year, with a 3 year old and a bay, Christmas was great!

Our last adventure of the year was going up to Coeur d’Alene after Christmas to share a late Christmas and bring in the New Year with all of the Dorrells! There was actually no snow this year, which took us by surprise after the 3 feet of snow we found there last year!

We hope everyone had a great Holiday season this year!

Love, Wade, Coral, Mekhi and Phoebe

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Summer Fun

Summer has come and gone, and we have kept very busy. We are long overdue for a blogging update, so here I am playing catch-up while Mekhi naps and I feed the baby :).

Free ferris wheel and carousel rides on the last day of the Western Idaho Fair warranted a second trip for us! We met up with cousins Josiah, Ruthie and Daria, Aunt Renee and her Mother&Sister-in-law for some good old-fashioned State fair fun! Phoebe even got to accompany us for her first carousel ride! (But she wasn't allowed on the ferris wheel).

On September 3rd we celebrated the 3rd anniversary of the day we met by soaring on cloud nine in a hot air balloon! It was an amazing adventure that we can now cross off of our "things I've always wanted to do" list :

After our first attempt at a camping trip was failed by thunderstorms and hail, we managed to get one fun family camping trip in at Bruneau Dunes State Park. Renee and her kids accompanied us, as well as her sister-in-law Vicky. The kids all had fun climbing the dunes, swimming in the lake, and playing around the campground with eachother and the other kids they met.

Mekhi is getting so big... we had to go buy Boys' clothes for him as he is now officially to big for the Toddler section! He now wears 4/5 in boys' clothes. We went to the Boise Art Museum with playgroup for Toddler Wednesday, where Mekhi completed his first watercolor masterpiece :)

Phoebe is just a big bundle of joy for all of us. She loves to show off her adorable toothless smile and babble about all of her baby thoughts :) She makes all of our days brighter!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

8 weeks old already!

It has been 8 weeks since our last post. 8 weeks since Phoebe Lynn joined our family! We've been spending so much time enjoying her that we haven't taken the time to blog! She is doing great, and getting big already! Her next check-up is on September 14th, and we are excited to find out just how much she has grown! At her 2-week check-up she weighed in at 9lbs 8oz and was 22-1/2" long, which put her around 95th% for both weight and height for a 2-week-old! She is a great little eater and is growing so fast! I'm pretty sure she's at least 13lbs now. She has been sleeping through the night pretty conistently for the last couple of weeks. Her personal sleeping record is from about 11pm to 6:17 am.

Big brother Mekhi is so great with his baby sister! He absolutely adores her! He loves giving her kisses, and he is such a good helper. He's a great fetcher if we need a binki or a wipe. His entire face lights up when he is around her! He has been so patient waiting for us to have time to play with him when we are in the middle of feeding or changing... which happens a lot!

Daddy got to have the first 4 weeks off of work for paternity leave, and we had lots of fun together as a family of 4! Now that Daddy is back to work Mommy is getting braver about going out with both kids. We usually go to playgroup once or twice a week, and have even gone grocery shopping without Daddy, which was a big accomplishment! :)
4 more weeks of maternity leave until Mommy goes back to work, very part-time. The minimum requirements for my position are just 16 hours per month so that I can keep my nursing skills fresh and still be a full-time mom, which is where my priority is right now! So twice a month Daddy will get to be full-time dad while I take care of other people's kids at work instead of my own :) We haven't quite figured out what shift would work out best, but at least I have lots of options since the hospital is open around the clock.
We will try to be better about updating our blog. And we'll post another one soon about some of the adventures we've been on lately! :)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Born: Phoebe Lynn Dorrell


More photos of Phoebe, mom, & family here. God has blessed us & everyone is doing quite well.

She’s 8lbs 9oz, 21 1/4 inches long, and was born at 11:50am.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Still waiting for our princess...

Just 3 days until our due date! We were convinced that we would have our baby girl by now, since I was already starting to dilate and efface 2 weeks ago... but that just goes to show that you cannot predict these things! But the good news is, it can't be long now! In fact, we scheduled an induction for Tuesday July 14th in case she decides that she doesn't want to come out on her own after all. So in 6 days we will definately have our little girl!My Mom (Grandma Shari) and my sister Valerie arrived from Portland on the 6th. They were afraid they wouldn't make it in time for Phoebe's birth, but now we are all waiting (as patiently as we can) for little miss Phoebe to make her appearance so they can actually spend some time with her before they head back on the 16th! Yesterday we did a lot of brisk walking... around the store, to the park, around the park, to TCBY... no more than a couple of contractions resulted from that... along with a sore back and feet! I guess she is not ready to be convinced to come out just yet! In the mean time we are enjoying some fun time with the family, making the best of our baby-less days :)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

38-1/2 week update

As of my appointment yesterday... Phoebe has dropped a little more... to a Zero station now. For those who aren't up on the childbirth lingo: An imaginary line is drawn between the two bones in the pelvis (known as ischial spines). This is the "zero" line, and when the baby reaches this line it is considered to be in "zero station." When the baby is above this imaginary line it is in a minus station. When the baby is below, it is in a "plus" station. Stations are measured from -5 at the pelvic inlet to +4 at the pelvic outlet.
I'm a definate 2cm dilated now (instead of "almost 2" last week) and now 75% effaced. My appointment was with the nurse practitioner yesterday. She said that now that I am almost completely effaced (which is the thinning of the cerix) it could be "any day now." But I still haven't started to have any regular contractions, usually just about one an hour. But both my Dr. and NP agree that since she is low to begin with, once labor starts it shouldn't take too long. They also both have commented on how long Phoebe seems to be. My belly is definately all baby! We will know soon enough just how much! :)
Everything is going as planned, as far as blood pressure and all other risks still looking good, so we'll just see how long she wants to hang out inside before she's ready to explore the rest of the world!

First Anniversary Staycation

It's official, we are no longer newlyweds! My how this year has flown by! I guess the fact that 9 months of it was partially consumed with the pregnancy may have helped the time fly by :)
Being just days away from our due date, a weekend "away" was out of the question. Instead, we went on a "staycation," right here in Boise. It was a blast! We had so much fun spending the entire weekend with just the two of us, in a hotel downtown. We started off the weekend at Julia Davis park sitting in the shade drinking some iced tea until it was time to go get some lunch. For lunch we tried out the new Idaho Fry Company where they have any kind of french fry you could imagine, with creative dippers like blueberry ketchup!
After lunch we toured the Idaho Historical Museum. I've lived in Boise 3+ years, and Wade several more, but neither of us had been here before. We even stopped at the gift shop on the way out for an Idaho Spud candy bar, just to say we'd tried one :)
Next we headed over to the hotel (Hampton Inn & Suites) to check in. Our room wasn't quite ready yet, so we sat in the nice cool lobby for a while and got consumed by a reality show on food network :) Then we went up to the room for a little R&R before dinner. We relaxed in a whirlpool tub right in our room (A much more comfortable option than the hotel hot tub at 9 months pregnant)!
Then we headed to Happy Fish sushi and martini bar for a delicious dinner that still left room for our first trip to Boise's new Ben & Jerry's! So, with our milkshakes in hand we walked back to the hotel to assemble a belly cast. Wade did an awesome job plastering me up while I just sat there and looked pregnant :) We're looking forward to painting and decorating the piece of art to display as a memoir of my pregnancy!
Then it was feet up for the rest of the evening. My feet had had about enough walking for one day!
We slept in until almost 9 am Sunday morning, a true vacation that made it! For breakfast we walked over to Goldie's- locally famous for great breakfast and a long waiting list! After a delicious breakfast we walked over to Julia Davis Park again to start our paddle boat adventure! Good thing we got the paddling in in the am, because it turned out to be a hot day! Lunchtime, but still full from breakfast, we decided to go relax some more at the hotel. We then made our way over to Bittercreek for a yummy salad and sandwich lunch. After lunch we went up for a little feet up time. We took a little nap, then went to a movie. We saw 'Year One' with Jack Black, which we were sure would be hilarious, but were a little disappointed. It wasn't as funny as we thought it would be, and had some pretty gross parts, too! Oh well, it was still a movie, which we don't get to do very often!
After the movie it was time for our highlight date for our anniersary dinner at the Melting Pot. Our first out-to-dinner date 2-1/2 years ago was at this restaurant. :) We had the new super-yummy spinach and artichoke cheese fondue this time, along with the Signature Selection Entree for two. Yummy!
Back at the hotel we took another soak in the tub, opened a bottle of champagne that was gifted to us, and made a toast. I had a sip - yummy... and Wade did his best not to waste the rest of the bottle :)

We then tried out our specially frozen wedding cake... not too bad for being a year old, the press and seal worked pretty well, but the fondant was a little mushy. We called it a night after that, and when Monday morning rolled around we took adantage of the free breakfast in the lobby- there were even omelettes! And then made our way back home for Wade to head to work and for me to pick up our sweet 3 year old that was greatly missed!

What a blessing it is to be married to my best friend! Every moment together brings us so much joy! It is exciting that we will have the rest of our lives to spend together!